Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Food!! Give me food!!!

I'm really starting to enjoy the Janathon now even if I have giving up logging my exercise on runningfreeonline.com. I have many qualms about the usability of that website (sorry if any of the makers are reading, its not meant in a bad way). Its now more of a personal challenge and the fun of blogging about it afterwards. Plus, the aching is getting better more manageable and I'm actually looking forward to my daily exercise now.

The only problem I'm having is the amount of food I'm eating. I just can't stop! Now, the guys I work with are probably screaming at their computer screens with cries of "You never stopped eating anyway", but its getting worse now.

I'm a firm believer of giving your body what it is telling you to give it. If your tired, sleep. If your thirsty, have a drink. If your hungry, feed yourself. I'm much like a Tamagotchi in those respects. I don't think sitting at my desk craving food is beneficial to anyone, especially my co-workers who have to deal with my hunger-fuelled bad moods. I'll just have to replace sugary treats with something a little healthier. I'm finding a pint of milk is quite a good replacement.

As for exercise, I played football tonight but we're not talking about that. I haven't won a game since the start of the Janathon, which isn't a good omen for the rest of the month. I think my lucky boxers will have to come out of retirement!


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I'm munching my way through so much food. It's fine as long you carry on exercising! I have a bowl of porridge in the morning which seems to help and then munch away on fruit - apples are good fillers. Good luck with the rest of Janathon.

  2. I haven't stopped eating either, its starting to get embarrassing!!